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It’s not just about maximizing space, it’s about optimizing your lifestyle. As Boston real estate broker Frann Bilus says, “While downsizing does usually signify moving into a smaller space, it can also mean moving up in the luxury arena.”

This is the kind of downsizing I like to focus in on – decreasing the hassle and clutter in your life to increase convenience and luxury. But don’t worry, this does not necessarily mean you have to trade in your transitional style for ultra minimalist living spaces. The key to downsizing is a thoughtful floor plan and meaningful design solutions.


In a piece called “Decorate with Intention,” design writer Laura Gaskill says, “A small home is a chance to get creative. Often the best design solutions are born of necessity.” I couldn’t agree more. Here are some clever, space-saving design solutions to get the creative juices flowing.


Just because the listing or real estate agent said it wasn’t an eat-in kitchen, doesn’t mean it can’t be turned into one. Corner banquettes can be a beautiful and efficient use of a small kitchen space.

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Glass, crystal, clear acrylic and lucite are all wonderful materials that can be used to add function (and style) without adding bulk to smaller spaces.

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A bay window area may be too small for a love seat, but it can be great for creating a functional space with a small round or square table and two or three chairs.

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Here’s a good question. Do you really need a nightstand? After all, don’t these pieces inevitably become a collection of junk drawers? I’d take a window seat over a nightstand any day!

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In an article on maximizing space, design writer Shirley Meisels reminds us to keep our eyes peeled for so-called “dead space.” After downsizing to a three-story Victorian, Meisels said  “Niches in walls, under stairwells and behind cabinets are all key and worth investigating.”

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  1. So true! Keeping it simple can help keep things looking clean and uncluttered not only when downsizing, but in a lot of the older homes in the northeast where rooms tend to run on the small side.

  2. Frann B says:

    With Boston condos, you need to think creatively and outside of the box to maximize use of the space to fit one’s lifestyle. Leslie, you’re a master at this!


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