Graceful Hosting with Gorgeous Guest Rooms

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Being a gracious host to your favorite out-of-town friends and family members is a breeze when you have a well-designed guest room. But designing a guest room is not the same as designing any other bedroom.


Principal at New York City-based hospitality-design firm Stonehill & Taylor, Christina Zimmer told the Wall Street Journal, if you really want the perfect guest room, aim to compete with “the best hotel room you’ve ever stayed in.”


Here are a few ideas to consider:


Utilize a Calming Palette – In the same way that your favorite comfort food can instantly transform your mood, a color palette of soft neutrals with cool blues and grays or warm beiges and browns can create a space that instantly imbues comfort and tranquility.

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Provide Convenient Storage – Even if they remain empty most of the year, a nice dresser and closet space are a must for a comfortable room for your guests. If space is limited, a couple of nice luggage stands that tie into the rest of the decor make for a practical design solution. For more spacious guest rooms, the right ottoman or bench at the foot of the bed can make it easy for guests to feel at home and comfortable.

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Amenities plus all the Trimmings – A lounging area, beverage bar, dressing table, mini library and desk and other amenities can create a true vacation-like experience. Special storage solutions that keep multiple pillow options, designer toiletries and fresh towels visible yet still neat and organized are the finishing touches to ensure a luxurious experience for guests.


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Whether you are looking to transform a spare room into a luxurious guest room or you are looking to give your whole home a much-needed update, I’d love to work with you to create custom designs you’ll love for years to come. Contact Leslie Fine Interiors in Boston at 617-236-2286.

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